The Callfinder®
is battery operated and easy to use. It doesn't depend on internet or network coverage and has no complicated menus or operating instructions.

Briza uses new printing technology to print an invisible grid over every photo. The eye of the Callfinder® reads this grid and recalls the bird's call from its internal memory card. For the first time bird calls can be heard from the pages of a field guide!

Callfinder Maintenance Tip: Please remember to fully charge your Callfinder monthly if not in use.

The Callfinder® comes with: Standard 3,5mm earphone/speaker jack, mini USB port, Power button, Volume control and mode selector, Callfinder® sensor, 2GB memory card and battery charger
  1. Om op te neem op jou Klankleser®:
    • Druk R (en los) om op te neem
    • Druk R (en los) om opneem te stop
    • Druk R effens langer (2 sekondes) en los, om opname terug te speel.

      NB. Dit is net die laaste opname wat teruggespeel word. Alle opnames word in afsonderlike klanklêers gebêre op jou Klankleser® se ongeveer 100 minute stoorkapasiteit.

  2. Om opnames af te laai en te 'delete' op jou Klankleser®:
    • Konnekteer jou Klankleser® aan jou rekenaar met die USB-kabel.
    • Maak 'My Computer' oop en kliek op 'Removable Disk ..'.
    • Maak jou Klankleser® oop op jou rekenaar en dan kry jy 3 lêers:
    • Kliek op 'RECORD'. Al jou opnames sal daar wys in verskillende opnameleêrs. Laai af en 'save' op jou rekenaar.
    • Nou kan jy al die opnamelêers 'delete' (op die Klankleser®) om dan weer sodoende kapasiteit te hê vir nuwe opnames.
  1. To record on your Callfinder®:
    • Press R (and release) to record
    • Press R (and release) to stop recording
    • Press R for two seconds and release to listen to your recording.

      NB. You can only listen to your last recording. All recordings are kept in separate sound files on your Callfinder®'s almost 100 minutes of store facility.

  2. To down load and to 'delete' your recordings:
    • Connect your Callfinder® to you computer by using your USB cable.
    • Open 'My Computer' and click on 'Removable Disk..'.
    • Open your Callfinder® on your computer and you will find three files:
    • Click on 'RECORD'. All your recordings will show in separate sound files. You can now down load and 'save' these sound files on your computer.
    • You can 'delete' all recordings (on your Callfinder®) to have the maximum capacity available for new recordings.
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